Nida Trust

Vision & Mission of Nida Trust

“Calling Communities Together”

We believe in educating the next generation of young people through empowering and supporting students, teachers and parents. We also develop relevant curriculum based projects to create a more tolerant and respectful younger generation who are confident with themselves and can easily integrate with others. As a result of these increased opportunities and the reduction of poverty, we hope to create a more cohesive community.

Aims of Nida Trust

An educational organisation established in 2005 is committed to:

  • Raising the ASPIRATION of young people
  • Raising the ACHIEVEMENT of young people
  • EMPOWERING parents and teachers to SUPPORT young people

Core Values of Nida Trust

Nida Trust’s foundation is based on these 5 key values:

  • Proactive – to initiate projects and services that focus on key concerns
  • Professionalism – to function according to high standards and serve as positive role models
  • Support – to work in partnership with others and promote collaboration
  • Inclusive – to encourage all stakeholders to contribute irrespective of background
  • Sharing – to promote the sharing of good practice